About Me


Hi, I'm Lauren! I've had plenty of nicknames over the years (some way too embarrassing to share), but Lo is one that has always remained a constant - especially here in Rochester. Yes, Lo is part of the inspiration behind Loco Love, but "loco" also means crazy, for "crazy love." It's also not a coincidence that Loco Love sounds very much like "local love."

I grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY. Most of my family still lives in the Buffalo area, so I am there quite often. I'll always have a strong love for Buffalo, which is why you'll see some Buffalove incorporated into some of my styles.

I moved here after attending college at Geneseo and fell completely in love with Rochester. I currently reside in the city with my husband, Ben and my adorable Chocolate Lab, Lacey. My love for the city is one of the inspirations behind my line. Just like many others, I love being a part of this community and I'm proud to call Rochester home.

If you follow me on social media (@shoplocolove) you already know the other inspirations behind my line - fitness, fun, and women empowerment. I want women to feel good about themselves - every damn day. You know when you put on your favorite workout clothes and you instantly know you're going to crush it? Or you put on your favorite go-to-tee and it instantly makes you feel good? I love that. I wanted to create more of that. Relatable, fun, active, & casual wear with a little Buffalove and a whole lot of Roc Love.

I hope you LOVE it!

xo, lo